I studied the degree of “Fine Arts: with an emphasis in Film, Video, New Media and Animation” at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Here, I created a Photo-book and most of my photographic work in large format cameras. After a while, I ended up loving the ancient techniques of photography from the XIX century, techniques I emulate in my films, and personal work.

I lived in India for some time (Bombay) working for two main agencies: Sideways- design and consulting agency and Kyoorius Design Awards. After some time, I started learning from Kartik Vijay, where I became his assistant in various commercials for clients like Dove and Dixcy Scott (ft. Salman Khan). At the time, he was finishing a feature film called “Manto” screened at the Cannes Film Festival. I saved some money, that allowed me to backpack to the rest of India. There I found many places off-road, most of these records became the surface in which “Tilman-passages of India” came to life.

Most of my work comes in the form of photography, where I have had the honor of capturing people like Gustavo Santaolalla (two times winner for the Oscar to the best soundtrack) and other celebrities and music groups.

My film work has lately been based on me functioning as a cinematographer and a colorist for the work of other people. I’ve shot multiple student films and a couple of miniseries (Causalidad and Memento, both screening at the end of 2020), a couple of Fashion Films (“Mujeres: Un acto Revolucionario”),  a feature-length film (“Artificial Love”, initial release 2018), amongst other 15 different short films. I’ve shot two documentaries, one for Mexican Creative Society and another for “Academia de té Mexicana” (Mexican tea academy, roughly). Lately, I shot two music videos, one for Caloncho and the second one for Karol Sevilla “Vuélveme a mirar así”.

My life as a director is just initiating by the release of three projects this year of 2020: “Tilman- passages of India” a fictional documentary inspired in my life during the stay In India, a Fashion Film “Pattern Cut” and “Soundscape” an art film based in an experimental music piece.


Cursé la carrera de “Fine Arts: with an emphasis in Film, Video, New Media and Animation” en el Instituto de Artes de Chicago (SAIC). Ahí desarrollé un libro fotográfico, además creé la mayor parte de mi trabajo en negativos de formato grande y me especialicé en técnicas fotográficas antiguas del sigo XIX.  

Durante un tiempo viví en la India (Mumbai) trabajando para dos agencias de diseño (Sideways-design and Consulting Agency y Kyoorius Design Awards). Posteriormente, bajo la tutela del cinefotógrafo Kartik Vijay, asistí cámara en varios comerciales para clientes como Dove y Dixcy Scott (ft. Salman Khan). En esos momentos él se encontraba finalizando Manto (2018, nominada al Cannes Film Festival) donde tuve la fortuna de asistirlo en varias tomas.

He tenido el honor de retratar a personas como Gustavo Santaolalla, dos veces ganador del Oscar a mejor score de película (fotografía que se publicó en la revista Accent de Aeroméxico mes de Julio 2018), celebridades como Esmeralda Pimentel y a grupos musicales como Caloncho.

Participé en varios cortometrajes estudiantiles en mis primeros años. Llevo fotografiada y coloreada dos series una llamada CAUSALIDAD (estreno 2019) y otra MEMENTO (estreno 2020), un par de fashion film para Marka Films llamado “Mujeres: Un Acto Revolucionario”, un largometraje “Artificial Love”, entre más de 15 otros cortometrajes. También en documentales para Mexican Creative Society, Prana y la Academia de Te Mexicana. En cuanto a videos musicales fotografíe spots para Caloncho y para Karol Sevilla “Vuélveme a mirar así”.

Como director apenas empiezo sacando tres proyectos este año 2020: “Tilman- passages of India” una docuficción inspirada en mi viaje a la India, “Pattern Cut” un Fashion Film y “Soundscape” que es un video-arte experimental sobre una composición sonora.